Okay, for those of you that haven’t been following the bouncing ball…

I’m doing a two-week program called “Fast Draft” (again, courtesy of Candace Havens – thanks, Candace!). I got my 20 pages today (my own little goal), so after 6 days, I should be at 120 pages, right?

Well, not quite! I’m actually at 80. DOH!!! A full 40 pages behind. However, I’m still plugging away, and will continue until at least Friday.

In the meanwhile, today’s burnt offerings included my creation of the first love scene between my Viking hero and our heroine, the captive Frenchwoman from Fontevraud Abbey. I was fanning myself before I was done. Who knew that a Viking and a woman raised in a convent could make the Song of Solomon sound so good?

I’ll keep you posted on “Fast Draft”.

Meanwhile, for a little entertainment, here’s this fun little Viking cartoon – I promise, this one looks nothing like the barbarian hotness in Odin’s End!