OK – for the uninitiated…

My WIP, Odin’s End, is set in Norway during their civil war era. As part of my research I got in touch with a great group of folks, the Norwegian Society of Texas, who really celebrate their Norwegian heritage – all Norway, all the time!

 Their Dallas chapter (called the Viking chapter, of course) is having a Syttende Mai celebration to commemorate the signing of the Norwegian constitution in 1814.

I’ve gotta see this! So I contacted the chapter’s president, a very nice lady named Suzanne Juliussen, and the Hubby and I are headed out to meet this great group of people and help them celebrate Syttende Mai.

Suzanne has promised that they will have their longship on hand – I promise to take lots of pictures and generally help our Norwegian friends celebrate!

OK, Suzanne – I’m all worked up! I’m ready to see some Vikings!

Here are some general pictures of Syttende Mai – just to get us in party mood!

Vikings on Parade

Vikings on Parade


Sea Serpent Float

Sea Serpent Float - click to go to the Seattle Daily Photo