OK – continuing our Syttende Mai Celebration story…

Now part of celebrating Syttende Mai involves eating (okay, so are you sold on Syttende Mai yet??) and, like the good Norwegian celebrants they are, the Viking Chapter put on a spread, and I oinked out.

The traditional fare for Syttende Mai includes:

  • German wieners
  • Lefse – yummy potato pancakes that are divine
  • Fried onions – you can get the Scandi version at IKEA. I need to try this because they’re a different texture than American ones
  • Mashed potatoes
  • Dessert – namely heart-shaped waffles called vafler (with a dash of plum or lingonberry jam placed just in the center of the heart – and always use a 5-heart iron!!!). I had some of these and they are YUM-ilicious. Apparently they contain a special spice called cardemom

Here are a couple of pics of the yumminess…

Syttende Mai Vafler and Wieners

Syttende Mai Vafler and Wieners

Norwegian Vafler - heart-shaped!

Norwegian Vafler - heart-shaped!

So, near as I can figure,  celebrating Syttende Mai requires 3 basic but necessary foodgroups:

  • Meat
  • Carbs
  • Dessert

And since nothing else is necessary, this works for me!!!

Also, our hosts John and Mari-Anne had a wicked cool brick grill – Hubby saw this and immediately started lobbying for one in our backyard. Check this out:

The Grill You WISH You Had!

The Grill You WISH You Had!

Note the pitchforks sitting on top. Now that’s what I’m talking about!!!!

Now, Suzanne Juliussen (president of the Viking Chapter) has told me that the Wooden Spoon Scandinavian Shop is the place to go for all kinds of Scandinavian goodies. I tried to visit their website, but it looks like we’ve got a few linking problems (grrrrr). But apparently the Wooden Spoon is run by a nice lady by the name of Gwen Workman, who apparently makes lefse in her shop once a month. If you’ve never had lefse, I’m telling you, this is reason enough to go!

I definitely plan on visiting Gwen – her shop is practically down the street from my house. Anyhoos – here’s their contact info for the short-term.

Wooden Spoon Scandinavian Shop
1617 K Ave
Plano, TX 75074

It would be too much to ask if Gwen sells a selection of big hunky Vikings. You don’t, do you Gwen? If not, do you have a catalogue?
My Requested Special Order - Gwen, Please Check on This!

My Requested Special Order - Gwen, Please Check on This!


OK – so that’s the second in our series on the Syttende Mai celebration. More to come tomorrow.
Until then, please forward your requests for any hunky Vikings to Gwen at the Wooden Spoon.