Folks, I just have to take a pause from my Syttende Mai musings to paste up this picture I found online of some incredible barbarian hotness!!!

I would LOVE to credit the source, but when I went to the original site, it was shut down. However, to the Creator – whomever you are – women everywhere are grateful!!!! PREESHATE YOU!!!

So – for the barbarian hotness:

Does this really need a caption???

Richard Bremmer and others modeling Barbarian Hotness

Anyhoos – Creater, if you reveal yourself, we’ll give you full credits on the graphic. WE LUV IT!!!!

As for me, here’s my agenda:

  • Increase my space on WordPress so I can upload my audio files (Steve Ogden’s incredible baritone, and Dynah speaking Norse!!!!)
  • Upload audio files and more pictures (go figure!!!)
  • Get my critiques out to my critique partners – I’ve been getting the stuffings kicked out of me for the last few days with my workload and have been remiss, so I’ll take the kickings
  • Continue work on my WIP, Odin’s End.

Folks – Odin’s End is coming along REALLY nicely!!! My heroine has spit on my hero (yep, you read it right!), my hero has told her she won’t be going ANYWHERE for a while – and he’s getting ready to drop the next bomb on her: we Vikings need you to playact as a volva for a while!!!

Plus, I’ve written his physical description – he, too, is some barbarian HOTNESS!!!!

I think I’m going to post several Viking pictures up and have ladies vote on the hottest barbarian.


OK – now I won’t be worth a hoot the rest of the day!!!!!