Richard Bremmer and Friends Modeling Barbarian Hotness

Richard Bremmer and Friends Modeling Barbarian Hotness

OK, peeps, y’all will never believe me on this one. But I swear, even though my specialty is making up stories, I would never have thought of it.

So, y’all know I’ve been on this quest to discover the finest in Barbarian Hotness (this means fine-looking Norwegian, Danish, Swedish, and Finnish men),  though I review any other applications that are accompanied by photos with absolute impartiality.

I’m a member of the Norwegian Society of Texas (as y’all know), and I got this email forwarded on from the TexFinns (I had no idea we had TexFinns! What????) Somebody haul out the vodka.

Anyhoos – here’s the email. I’m copying it in its entirety. My comments (because I just can’t shut up on this) are in red. Here ya go:

“I am approaching you as an employee of the Finnish television production company Nordisk Film TV. Our company is casting for a new television series that deals with Finnish identity, the search for one’s roots and the search for love. Attached is a small poster (in both Finnish and in English; please them as you best  see fit) that I would kindly ask you to post in a place or places where Finnish males (or males with Finnish roots) might roam: (If I knew where they were roaming, I would have left these posters like a trail of breadcrumbs to my house, where we could all play Naughty Viking Games) indeed, we are hoping to get the attention of as many guys as possible (me too – preferably Richard Bremmer) during the next
three months. (I love goal-oriented people.) So, of course, if you know a man who fits the description of the poster and might be interested in contacting us, (no, just ME) please tell him about us! (see previous comment) Also, please feel free to include the message in any possible newsletter or publication that is at your disposal. (ANY publication? Like a blog dedicated exclusively to Barbarian Hotness?) Thank you! I
would like to emphasize how grateful I am for your help:  this show would never be made without it! (Well, we can’t have THIS show fail.)
Sincerely, English
Joona Junkkari
Sales Coordinator
Nordisk Film TV
Matila Röhr Nordisk
Tallberginkatu 1 A 141, 00180 Helsinki
+358 44 5479938
+358 9 5407820

Y’all, I’m emailing Joona first thing tomorrow. I’ve got to get the dirt on this! And remember – post this “in a place or places where Finnish males may roam.”