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Rogann Ragnarsonn (Deputy Battle Trainer of the Dahrg de Belne)

Rogann Ragnarsonn (Deputy Battle Trainer of the Dahrg de Belne)

For those of you who’ve been hiding for the past week, I’ve finally gone over to the Dark Side and joined Facebook. And I had no idea how many Vikings were marauding and pillaging their way through cyberspace (figuratively speaking, of course!)

Anyhoos – I ran into this nice, nice fellow. Paul James McDaid – that’s Rogann Ragnarsonn to you – is in the Birmingham Vikings (yep, UK) and also starting up his own combat group called the Jotun Warband (a badass Viking reenactment society.)

Paul sent me The Death Saga of Rogann, a poem he wrote in the tradition of the sagas.  And I have to say it – I’m impressed.

I asked Paul if he minded me publishing a brief excerpt here. I don’t want to reprint the whole thing, because that’s what his Facebook page is for. So go visit it, or I’ll send Paul after you in full battle attire. Paul also has a book called Tiivestelma. Got to catch up with Paul and get the link for it, so stay tuned.

So here’s an excerpt from Paul James McDaid’s The Death Saga of Rogann, used with permission from the (talented) author:Paul2

Wounded by the spite of Enemies.
Ruined upon Erda’s fields,
There did I see his blood,
Flowing like Fimbulthul,
Out of mighty Hvergelmir
From which many mighty rivers flow
In the heart of Nifelheim,
Strengthened by the sparking water
That drips from Eikthyrnir’s antlers.
His eyes did gaze up into the House of Winds,
Laden with clouds, and bright,
He watched Skoll chase Sun’s chariot
To make way for Mani, bearing the moon,
Fleeing from Hati’s wrath.
There, as his Odin-gifted soul
Did seek to leave him,
He spotted a Shining Light,
Out of Ymir’s Skull it seemed to come,
Blinding and pure in his mortal eyes.
In gleaming dress of steel
Upon barded horse,
Came Freya’s servant,
Valkyrie of Sessrumnir,
That lovely hall adorned with
many seats….

Awesome stuff, Paul (Rogann). Thanks for sharing with us, and I’ll put up the link to your book soonest.

WMY (and Paul knows what this means!)