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Lloyd Loven and the Ormen Lange II

Lloyd Loven and the Ormen Lange II

91-year-old Lloyd Loven – founder of the Dallas chapter of the Norwegian Society of Texas 35 years ago and friend to Vikings near and far, was attacked by bees at home on Sunday.

He’s doing remarkably well –  a true testament to tough Viking nature.

Please see the video link below. It would be great if any of you would leave a comment for Lloyd here on my blog. Lloyd doesn’t use a computer, but we print things out for him.

I took this picture this past Syttende Mai – Lloyd built this reproduction of the Ormen Lange – at 91, he’s still “rah rah Norge!”

Everyone in the video is a member of the Norwegian Society of Texas.

Anyhoos – click “Leave a Comment” right above this post. We’ll print out the comments and give them to Lloyd. Won’t y’all wish him well?

Much love!!! Dawna