As most of you know, I have this “thing” about Barbarian Hotness and hunky Viking men. And I’m always on the prowl to find new members of this exclusive club. Hey – don’t hate. We all have our hobbies.

However, as we were discussing in my critique group Monday night, there’s a dearth of hot guys out there – they may exist on TV, but we’re having a helluva time finding them in real life. Truly, it sucks.

Because there are so many reasons why a girl might just stay single, a fellow female mourner of our sad situation sent me this video. I’ve forwarded it on to every chick I know (and posted it on my Facebook page, too!).

So ladies – this video’s only about a minute and a half long, but it’s a good reminder of “Why Women Stay Single.” (And what’s more, why they SHOULD stay single!)

Be amused, be freaked out – and be AFRAID!!! After all, one of these might end up being YOURS!!!!