Not Barbarian Hotness, but My Kind of Guy Nonetheless

Not Barbarian Hotness, but My Kind of Guy Nonetheless

 This assumes, of course, that all other Vikings were “traditional”, and we know that can’t be true!

This pic was forwarded to me by a Facebook pal of mine who also happens to hang out here in the Dallas area. We’ll call her, oh, let’s see – I need a clever codename…..

Let’s see, I think we’ll call her…. “Jan”. YEAH. Nobody will ever guess her real identity with the clever codename I just gave her!

Anyhoos – “Jan” sent this along and I just LUV IT!!! Don’t think it’s one of the cats that pulls Freya’s chariot, but even more bad-ass than that.

As for “Jan” – well, Jan is a teacher (like I used to be). Only I bet she’s never:

  • Bailed a student out of jail
  • Bought clothes for a student’s baby
  • Accompanied a student to their appointment with their probation officer
  • Picked a student up for school after having knocked on their apartment door and nearly been bowled over from the smell of reefer wafting from the apartment. Their mom (who was holding the reefer) claimed they were “burning incense.”

But wait!!! I said I bet Jan has never done these things….. but then, she teaches SECOND GRADE. So actually, I bet she has!

Much love to you “Jan” – and keep sending me silly pictures!!!