Le Mans - The Viking Invasion Continues

OK – so I’m finally getting back into the groove of things. Which means I’ve finally loaded a chunk of the photos from my research trip to Flickr.

For the globally impaired, just a reminder that I visited Fontevraud Abbey, Saumur, LeMans and its Plantagenet City to research Adele’s world, which is France of the 1180s.

I also visited Trondheim, Norway to learn about medieval Nidaros (Trondheim’s name, back in the day) and the Viking age.

Wanna see the pics? Look to the page index on the left. Look for the pages that say “NEW!” All of those have pics loaded. Just click to the page – it tells a little about the trip and contains relevant links to museums and websites…and the Flickr page containing that day’s pics! YAY!

Feel free to use any of the pictures – just please mention that they were taken by Dawna Rand as research for Odin’s End. Preesh!

St. Julian's Cathedral - Le Mans