My name is Dawna Rand. A former English teacher and sales/technical trainer, I was one of the folks who lost their jobs in the Global Hooha of 2008 (or whatever scientific name we’ll end up calling it). I took a writing class under published author Patricia Lewin in January of 2009. Until then, I would have told you:

  • I designed and delivered training courses for Fortune 500 companies
  • I wanted to write but “never had the time”
  • Any corporate bone thrown my way would have been fine

Since then I would tell you:

  • I got another job. But it’s not the life that I consider real!
  • At writing conferences, my bar tabs somehow end up higher than my registration fees.
  • I’m having a blast! (which might be due to my bar tabs)

 So don’t hate – participate! In my blog, that is. It focuses on:

  • my own personal writing saga (sagas are so Viking!)
  • sales tips, publishing info, writing tips
  • interviews with published authors
  • all things medieval
  • even more things that are Viking (especially hot ones – like Richard Bremmer in 13th Warrior)

I live with my three cats and Siberian Husky puppy in Dallas, Texas. And they’re normal – all things being relative.

Webster, World's Goofiest Puppy