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Exquisite St. Julian's Cathedral - Le Mans

Writers – are you prepared to meet fabulous people?  And no, I don’t mean meeting Oprah (although that would be cool, too!)

 What I mean is, you meet people every day who are truly awesome. But do you know just how great they really are?

Y’all know that I hoofed it to France and Norway at Christmas to research Odin’s End.  My visit included a trip to Le Mans, France (yes, home of the auto race) and after a jaw-dropping visit to the Plantagenet City and  St. Julian’s Cathedral, I was ready for lunch.

That’s when I wandered into the Tourist Office. I was hunting for info on a good place to eat. I got the information (and the pizza and crepes were divine) when I noticed that the office happened to be running an exhibit on the city’s Viking invasions (now tell me – how opportune was that??). But more importantly, I met Pierre Poirrier, this incredibly nice guy who works at the tourist office.

I gave Pierre my business card, and I told him about Odin’s End. And I gushed over Le Mans, the Plantagenet City, St. Julian’s and the exhibit. Because I had to. They were fabulous.

But Pierre has been beyond fabulous. I got an email from him a couple of weeks ago. “Hey, we have some new documents in English and we thought you might like them!” So Pierre sends them my way, and included in the envelope were these incredible postcards of St. Julian’s Cathedral. When I say “incredible”, this means “frameworthy.” And they meant the world because they were images of the “Angels and Demons” light show at the cathedral. I had desperately tried to capture these pictures, but my camera just couldn’t deliver.

I am so grateful to Pierre and the other folks in Le Mans. They remembered me, and they remembered Odin’s End. Pierre, you’re the best! When I sell that story, we’ll schedule a booksigning in the Plantagenet City.

So I have some wonderful new pics – and new memories – of Le Mans.

But go there for yourself. The city – and its people – are worth the trip.

Click here to see the postcards Pierre sent me.

More pictures of Le Mans are listed on the left, including St. Julian’s,  L’Epau Abbey, and the Viking invasion.

The Lights of St. Julian's


Le Mans - The Viking Invasion Continues

OK – so I’m finally getting back into the groove of things. Which means I’ve finally loaded a chunk of the photos from my research trip to Flickr.

For the globally impaired, just a reminder that I visited Fontevraud Abbey, Saumur, LeMans and its Plantagenet City to research Adele’s world, which is France of the 1180s.

I also visited Trondheim, Norway to learn about medieval Nidaros (Trondheim’s name, back in the day) and the Viking age.

Wanna see the pics? Look to the page index on the left. Look for the pages that say “NEW!” All of those have pics loaded. Just click to the page – it tells a little about the trip and contains relevant links to museums and websites…and the Flickr page containing that day’s pics! YAY!

Feel free to use any of the pictures – just please mention that they were taken by Dawna Rand as research for Odin’s End. Preesh!

St. Julian's Cathedral - Le Mans

Just in case you needed your quick fix of 500-year-old love letters, here’s a link to an exhibit featuring several of Henry VIII’s love letters to Anne Boleyn.

Call me crazy, but I’d just have to feel flattered by the guy who thumbs his nose at the Pope, creates his own church, declares his previous marriage invalid, etc., etc., just to be with little ol’ me.

Click the link to see for yourself!

Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn

Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn

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