Odin's End

 Here’s a partial synopsis of my current work-in-progress, Odin’s End. Read the next pages for excerpts!

Serve God, or be a goddess? To survive, Adéle Waldes must choose the fantastic.

The year is 1181. For ten years, seventeen-year-old Adéle Waldes has been an unapt resident of Fontevraud Abbey. To live as the abandoned daughter of one heretic, and the rejected bride of another, is parlous on this eve of the Inquisition. And as a woman who also suffers convulsions, Adéle finds herself labeled a witch by Fontevraud’s zealous new abbess. Well-read and willful, Adéle flees. She must reach her husband’s family in York to escape persecution. If she fails, she will burn.

Then Adéle’s ship is seized by Vikings. 

At twenty-three, Rorik Rolfsson is a fearless Viking leader nonetheless isolated among his people. Educated and deliberate, he believes neither Christian dogma nor pagan superstition, and fears Christianity’s destruction of Viking ways. To save his people, Rorik must defeat Church-backed opposition. Frustrated by his king’s ineptitude, and stung by recent losses, Rorik contrives a bold strategy – one that centers on Adéle.

And right now, a witch is just what Rorik needs.