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Trondheim Cathedral
Vikings Rule the World – Or They Should, Anyway

As y’all know, I really do think Vikings should have ruled the world.

Since I don’t have history on my side, I was thrilled to get word from Lorena Streeter from the Central Florida Romance Writers that Odin’s End has finaled in the 2010 Touch of Magic contest.
I actually served as one of the judges (not my own category, before you ask) and lemme tell ya, competition is stiff. I also forgot that I entered the contest… another story altogether!
So this list of finalists is from the Central Florida RWA site. Many thanks to the folks of the Dallas Area Romance Authors (unfailing cheerleaders, all), Diana Cosby for her unswerving devotion and chocolate torte, and the wonderful folks of the Norsefolk_2 Yahoo! group who keep Viking traditions alive.
Thanks, everybody – and I look forward to seeing all of us fine finalists in print!

TOM 2010 Finalists

Central Florida Romance Writers is pleased to announce the finalists in the
2010 Touch of Magic contest. Thanks to all the entrants, and to all the
judges whose hard work make this contest a success every year. The list is
in alpha order-we’ll announce placements in June after the final round of

Congratulations to:

Historical finalists

  • Jennifer Beane: Promises
  • Sue Webb: Scenting Scandal
  • Kayla Westra: Lady Knight

Novel with Strong Romantic Elements finalists

  • Dawna Rand: Odin’s End
  • Bobbye Terry: Coming to Climax
  • Sandra Tilley: Call Me Cinderella

Paranormal finalists

  • Tamara Hughes: Bewitching the Beast
  • Christal Murphy: Awaken the Dragon
  • Dawn Wolzein, w/a Dawn Marie Hamilton: Sea Panther

Romantic Suspense finalists

  • Jan Jackson: Runaway
  • Jean Mason: Buried in Plain Sight
  • Anna Sugden: Past, Imperfect

Short Contemporary finalists

  • Dani Collins: His Majesty’s Inappropriate Mistress
  • Brenda Hammond: Owe My Love
  • Cindy Taylor: A Family of Her Own

Single Title finalists

  • Stephanie Faris: The Get Him System
  • Dale Mayer: Hide-n-Go Seek
  • Robin Weaver: Book Learning

Young Adult finalists

  • Peter Andrews: Dream Crafters
  • Tracy St. Hilaire: Fifteen Forever
  • Bec Sampson: Alli’s Playground


Folks,Viking Ship

I wanted to pit Odin’s End against other categories and even published authors. So I submitted it to the RWA NOLA Stars Suzannah 2009 contest. And Odin’s End has finaled – out of 100 entries, it was in the top SIX!!! Final placement TBD. Here we go:

Congratulations to the 2009 Suzannah Contest Finalists

  • The Gavel’s Echo by Anne-Marie Carroll (Romantic Suspense)
  • My Shackled Marquess by Rhea Ference (Historical)
  • Night Walker by Lisa Kessler (Paranormal)
  • Betrothed by Alyssia Kirkhart (Historical)
  • Odin’s End by Dawna Rand (Novel with Romantic Elements)
  • A Very Patient Man by Susan Shellabarger w/a Susan Sabin (Historical)

The Suzannah Contest pits unpublished and published writers all up against one another. We have no categories separating them. We’re just looking for the best all around. We had a 100 entries this year and these six were the cream of our crop. All of our finalists this year are unpublished writers! Congrats to you all!

Good Luck in the finals.

Suzannah Contest Coordinating Crew

Again, many thanks to my readers, Aelle and Pat, and to some wonderful writer friends who’ve provided me invaluable advice and encouragement. (One of them is Diana Cosby – all around wonderful person!)

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