Nidaros Cathedral

Nidaros Cathedral, Trondheim, Norway

Odin’s End is set in the years 1181 – 1184, which is the time of the civil war between King Sverre and King Magnus. The action takes place largely in Trondelag, in the area of Trondheim. During these years, Trondheim was called “Nidaros.”

A focal point of the city is Nidaros Cathedral – in Sverre’s day, this was called “Christ Church of Nidaros.” This is also a focal point in Odin’s End. Adele is tricked into going to Nidaros. She is seized and held in the cathedral as the enemy builds her pyre.

I was fortunate enough to meet up with Tove Soreide, a very knowledgeable lady who has worked at the cathedral for more than 25 years. She gave me a private tour – in the snow! – and was incredibly generous with her expertise. I was so lucky to speak with her! If you’re ever in Trondheim, visit this incredible cathedral. Click here to go to the official site of Nidaros Cathedral and the Archbishop’s Palace! 

Tove also provided me links for another project she was working on – to digitize audio portions of the tour. Links to this are coming soon!

Here are a few pictures of Nidaros Cathedral and beautiful Trondheim. I’ve uploaded more pictures to Flickr. I still need to add descriptions and titles.

I’m happy to answer any questions, and if you use any on your own sites, then please mention me (Dawna Rand) and Odin’s End. Thanks!

Click here for pictures of Nidaros Cathedral, nature in Trondheim, and Trondheim city pictures.

Click here for pictures from the museum at Nidaros Cathedral in Trondheim. Includes pictures of cathedral artifacts.

The West Face of Nidaros Cathedral

Statues on the West Face of Nidaros Cathedral

Beautiful Trondheim