One of the unexpected joys of the research trip was learning that Le Mans has a proud Plantagenet history – one that stood up against Viking invasions in 865, 866, and 869.

The visitor’s center in Plantagenet City had a little exhibit of these invasions, their maps, routes, etc. It was supposed to end in January. Drat it – I should have asked for the placards, and silly me, I didn’t!

Remember – if you don’t ask, you don’t get!

Anyways – part of the Christmas Fete in Le Mans was the display of lights along the river, celebrating the city’s Viking invasions. Imagine that! When I went to Norway later and mentioned that Le Mans celebrated the invasions with big Viking ships and warriors hacking at each other in Christmas lights, the Norwegians were amused, to say the least.

Anyway, I got some FAB pics of these lights – Le Mans made its bridges look like Viking ships with shields and moving oars done in lights. What can I say? I LOVED IT!!!! I’m going to build one of these ships in my front yard for Halloween next year.


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